Xuanjun Huang

 'Other' is a project that explore the relationship of subject and a rejection of body-mind distinction in the tradition of Western philosophy. I was trying to “photograph” the interaction and the invisible intentionality between artist and participants via cyanotype. 

The performance is an attempt to provide another pattern in the relationship of self and other and spiritual and material world. In the tradition of western philosophy, the binary separation of subject and object has dominated a long period of time, people think that matters in the external world are merely analogy or imagination of our mind, which would eventually lead to a kind of apathy between us. By mirroring the actions of the audience, I’m trying to provide a scenario where people can recognize another human existence authentically, and suggest a that there are real existence, people out there.


  1. The audience in a live performance cannot be totally ignored by the performer. Some contributors here work in the privacy of a relationship only with the camera, but for others, notably those who do street work the audience response IS the performative action to be recorded. Can you tell us more of your findings?


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